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School Closures

Dear Parent


Firstly, I want to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the closure today. I spent the day dealing with EA Staff to ensure that we will always have the availability of School Meals, unless due to transport, which we always have had for the last ten years until a change of provider, which affected us in January and again today. I have been assured this matter is resolved. I was very frustrated we could not open due to this. 


Whilst main roads in the town are treated, we will have traffic issues tonight and tomorrow and, a shortage of staff to ensure ratios due to travel from more significantly affected areas - a number of staff are unable to get out from their homes since early today. With an amber warning in place for further snow and strong winds until 10am on Friday and a red warning for freezing temperatures it is more than likely we will be closed. I will make this decision by 9:00pm tonight in consultation with staff and will advise you all by text and website. 


We appreciate the inconvenience another closure will cause but any decision is steered by the need to ensure the safety of all pupils, parents, grandparents, carers and staff. 


A further update date will be posted by 9:00pm to make alternative arrangements should we be closed. 


I want to to thank you for your support and understanding in the midst of such upheaval for us all. 


Miss Dawson.