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Synonyms | Award Winning Synonym Teaching Video | What are Synonyms?

Synonyms: This video defines synonyms and provides multiple examples. The dictionary and thesaurus are highlighted as tools for finding synonyms. Video imag...

Synonyms | English For Kids | Mind Blooming

What are Synonyms?Learn about synonyms and follow along with some examples!For the" Pronouns Series" click the link below :)

Synonyms for Kids

YAY! It is time to learn about synonyms! Synonyms are fun and easy to learn in this fun learning video! Learn what synonyms are and how they can be spotted!0...

Antonyms | Award Winning Teaching Antonyms Video | What is an antonym?

The video Antonyms teaches this concept on a variety of levels. Antonyms are defined as "opposites," but the video uses video imagery coupled with voiceover ...

Antonyms for Kids | Classroom Video

HURRAY! It is time to learn about antonyms in this video for kids of all ages! Learn what antonyms are and how you can spot them! What antonyms do YOU know?H...