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iPads are a big hit!

Your children may have been coming home from school lately talking about using iPads in the classroom.  We have purchased an iPad for each class teacher as well as 2 sets of 7 iPads for pupil use.  There is a weekly timetable which allows for each class in the school to use the iPads at least twice a week. 
This has been a steep learning curve for the staff, with so many fantastic apps and websites at their disposal but, needless to say, the pupils have embraced the new technology without hesitation!
As a staff, we have been focusing on using the iPad as tool to compliment the planning and learning that already takes place and some of the results have been fantastic! (Take a look at the Year 5 Class Page to see how the iPads enriched their Egyptian Day activities)
It has been very exciting to see the pupils engaging in Animation, Movie-making, Mental Maths, Topic-based activities and much more.  We are confident that the use of iPad technology will continue to enhance the learning of pupils throughout the school and look forward to developing this further in the near future.

Mrs Cuthbert (ICT Coordinator)