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Head Teacher's Awards

Caleb Stitt Y2LW

Caleb’s work in Numeracy and Mathematics is outstanding and, he has had a massive impact on learning and teaching in Numeracy for all pupils and staff, at a whole school level, with his love of Carol Vorderman’s ‘The Maths Factor’, which we use throughout the school now – thanks to Caleb.  He is a very gifted and talented Mathematician.


Beth Miller Y4JJ               

Beth’s excellent Artwork and design of her Christmas card, selected out of the whole school by Robin Newtown MLA, as his Christmas card, and distributed near and far was such a wonderful opportunity for Beth and our school.  Beth is so conscientious and gives 100% to everything she does in school.  Her card was beautiful and a well-deserved winner.


Rory McConnell Y3L/M

Rory is one of the kindest and most selfless boys I have had the pleasure of knowing.  His love and affection for his brother, Wilf, for all his classmates and everyone he meets is so refreshing and he is such a wonderful example to others to be kind. He is just a wonderful role model for us all.


Harley Astbury Y4JJ

Harley has the sunniest disposition and the most wonderful attitude to all things in life.  His smile just lights up our school and he works so hard for his Classroom Assistant and teacher.  He gives the most amazing hugs and makes me want to be happier and better every day, like he is.


Allie Dagens Y5AH

Allie was an incredible Lockdown Learner!  The videos and examples of her work and her lovely relationship with her teacher, Mr Hay, was just heart-warming to see.  From her baking tasks to all her projects – she was just amazing and I loved seeing her videos and I learned so much from her too.


Trinity Stalford Y6TC

Trinity champions reading and every year, without fail, I hear from her teachers of her love for books.  She’s an avid reader of fiction and non-fiction with a love for history and knowledge, which feeds into her class discussions and work.  I really admire this wonderful young lady’s passion for the written word.


Emily Park and Abbie Russell Y7JP

Both of these young women receive the same accolade – day and daily, they are just wonderful ambassadors for our school – helpful, engaging, articulate, fun, kind, responsible and amazing individuals, as well as best friends forever.  Such wonderful role models for all our pupils.


Sofia Thomas Valladares Y7RS

Sofia’s commitment to her learning and her passion for learning throughput her school career has been inspirational to watch and especially during lockdown.  She also took part in a lovely interview with Helen Jones for the BBC on lockdown learning, as well as a number of interviews for UTV, speaking out for all our Year 7 pupils and the AQE/GL debacle.  She too is an exceptional role model.


Faith McConville Y4JJ

Faith has always gone over and above to highlight the very best of our school and takes every opportunity to do so with such enthusiasm and dedication.  Recently, she was filmed as an important part of our PR video and it was such a natural but accomplished contribution from her.  Faith just always shows the very best of Braniel in all she does.